7 Eylül 2011 Çarşamba

Becoming İstanbul

Becoming Istanbul explores contemporary Istanbul through an interactive database of over 400 media. An up-to-date collection of artists’ videos, photography series, documentaries, news reports, cartoons and architectural projects, the database is organized according to 80 concepts that instrumentalize typical discourses relating to the city and suggest new points of view. Its media include the visual productions of artists and researchers who have problematized actors and phenomena typically disregarded in urban discourse, as well as the declarations of decision makers involved in Istanbul’s current transformations.

The exhibition’s structure is far from linear. Each viewer may chart his or her own course through the database, making each experience of Becoming Istanbul original. The internal dynamics of the database’s content as a whole, not visible in individual navigations, will also be interpreted by Burak Arıkan in a work deciphering the relationships between concepts and time.

The conceptual framework of Becoming Istanbul was set by Pelin Derviş, Bülent Tanju and Uğur Tanyeli in 2008. Designed by Evren Yantaç and scripted by Hüseyin Kuşçu, the Becoming Istanbul database can be accessed at http://database.becomingistanbul.org/, where viewers may determine their course even before the exhibition’s opening.

The graphic and spatial design of these projects, to be presented on SALT Beyoğlu’s second and third floors, is carried out in collaboration with design firms Project Projects and Superpool. The design solutions allowing the Becoming Istanbul database to be viewed individually or collectively are also intended to enrich the experience of viewers. Keep in mind that some of the media will only be available during the exhibition at SALT Beyoğlu.

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