22 Ağustos 2009 Cumartesi

incompleteness of the narrative

This screening is an experiment with a set of videos, which aims to bring new perspectives into the so-called new medium video. All of the videos, those will be screened in 30 minutes with the moderation of Aykan Safoglu, can be subject to a modernist understanding of the cinematic language. Is it really possible to read all their associations through a modernist dialectic? In the light of the term temps mort, we will have the opportunity to examine these video narratives, whether they have a potential to assign new possibilities of reading the image in order to overlook the deadness of it.

The temps mort defines and lingers upon postdiegetic cinematic space; it rests upon a scene after the "main" action has finished or has moved on:

As space and time are so formally and thematically connected in cinema, it is also obvious to say, that the medium video shares this same characteristic of cinema.

When the people have left the frame, the action fades away, leaving us with a non-anthropocentric image of the world. The “dead time” description is in at least one sense misleading. It is not time, or space, which is dead; these violent primordial forces are never more alive and devastating than at such moments. Where are those moments in the contemporary video art?

We will try to examine the videos of Asli Cavuşoğlu, Burçak Kaygun, Erinç Seymen, Helin Anahit, Tayfun Serttaş, and Yaratıcı Direniş, through the lens of Deleuze's philosophy, whereas the modernist language to interpret the video may also be deconstructed.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009
20:00 - 21:00
the building
platz der vereinten nationen 14a
Berlin, Germany

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