12 Haziran 2010 Cumartesi

Symposium on Cultural Interaction in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey

The symposium on “Cultural Interaction in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey” organized by the International Hrant Dink Foundation will take place on June 12-13 at Istanbul Bilgi University Dolapdere Campus. The symposium will focus on several thematic clusters such as performing and visual arts, architecture and decorative arts, cultural politics, language and literature, everyday life etc. with the participation of numerous academicians and researchers from Turkey and abroad. Simultaneous translation will be provided in Turkish and English.

Symposium will shed light on the mutual influences, cultural and artistic exchanges in the works and achievements of the Anatolian masters, artists and craftsmen of the Ottoman and modern era and will facilitate discussions on the existence, form and continuity of this interaction. The ideas and questions raised during the symposium will provide new horizons and directions for further research.

Early Photography in the Context of Modern Identity and Cultural Transformation

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