23 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

Mama Deniz / 5 Chanel Video Installation. 2010

Mama Deniz, 2010, 5-channel video installation, 56

Mother Deniz, who ran away from home when still a child, leaving the provinces to come to Istanbul, is the sole protagonist of this video installation shot by Tayfun Serttaş. Apart from the fact that Mother Deniz, who is in her late 70s, takes us on a trip through the archaeology of sexuality as an important surviving witness, the artist finds Mother Deniz’s extreme loss of memory to be a very crucial element within what is filmed. This situation adds a psychoanalytic aspect to the video and serves to show how impossible it truly is to reach that subjective area called “memory.” And this loss of memory can be visible in the same way within the context of Istanbul’s history. In a way, minor heroes, like Mother Deniz, hidden in the city and in its social layers, give birth to each other from the inside. There is some kind of a contract between them and Istanbul. In this respect, it is not possible for the protagonist to find any alternative life outside Istanbul. It is the background of this great contract that the artist also strives to reach.




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