3 Eylül 2014 Çarşamba

"WE ALL LIVE ON THE SAME SEA" / Sirius Art Centre, Cobh, Cork / IRELAND


Opening Saturday 13 September 5pm

Curated by Rana Öztürk

Including works by Cliona Harmey - David Farrell - Deniz Üster - Fiona Marron - Gülsün Karamustafa - Margaret Fitzgibbon - Mark Garry, Paid Murphy & Sean Carpio - Tayfun Serttaş 

Taking its inspiration from the seaside location of Sirius Arts Centre on the banks of Cork Harbour, this exhibition seeks to view the sea as a vehicle for unification rather than separation of distant lands. It explores the notion of sea as a connecting force between disparate geographies either through travels in the form of immigration, vacation, and commerce, or through the circulation of stories and memories, and other movements within or even beneath the sea. The exhibition also engages with Cobh’s particular narrative in relation to a larger global geography through the connections and dialogues generated by the art works. With this purpose it was developed through a series of residencies at Sirius through August and September.

Presented with the support of the Turkish Cultural Foundation, Cork Film Centre & SAHA provided support for the production of the works by the artists from Turkey

Exhibition runs until Sunday 12 October

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