23 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi

SOUVENIR TRAUMA - Tayfun Serttaş

Exhibition Opening and Performance

Friday 03.06.2011
19:30 – 21:30

Artist Talk and Video Screening

Sunday 12.06.2011
18:00 – 20:00

Zico House, 174 Spears Street
Sanayeh // Beirut - Lebanon

Souvenir Trauma

Starting with Susan Sontag's book "Regarding The Pain of Others";

The subject creates a psycho-strategic discursive ground through the social position when looking at the traumas of others through the one "regarding the pain" and the one "whose pain is being regarded." Within the context of this strategy, the artist is a third eye as a "temporary citizen." Could there be a relationship between the geographies that the artist travels through and the artistic production? As a suggestive field set forth by the coincidental experiences, what are the problematics involved? What is the impact of the surrounding ideological pressures that surround the artist? With the new responsibilities of the artist, who is also a "witness" of the now, the artist assumes new responsibilites in the production in the framework of intercultural communication; how transformative are these said responsibilities?

Could the Middle Eastern artistic practices - that were manipulated by the pressures of orientalism a century ago - be newly oppressive through the intuitive seduction of the post-traumatic? What are the expectations of Western artistic institutions from Middle Eastern artists? Could these expectations be esoteric methods that were extended to our time by the tradition of prejudice? How should the Middle Eastern artist use the right to "respond" at this point? How functional is art, also a means of provocation, in describing and subverting the expectation? The artist, in this first part of his production, "Souvenir Trauma," triggered by his Middle Eastern experiences chooses to show from within and aims to research whether there is a linguistic and methodological unity between artists who share a common geography.

About Artist Talk and Video Screening

Tayfun Serttaş discusses his practice in relation to İstanbul’s history of social, cultural and sexual diversity. The talk will be completed by a screening of four of Tayfun Serttas’s recent video works;

The Other The Other and Beyond

Osep Minaoğlu Recalls


Mama Deniz ©2010

Presentation Languages:
Arabic and Turkish

Video Languages:
Turkish and Armenian with English subtitles

Artist Statement

Tayfun Serttaş (1982 Turkey), currently in residence at the Arab Image Foundation, is an artist, writer and researcher who lives and works in Istanbul. Tayfun Serttaş’s installation-focused work is often formed of the multilayered engagement of various media including ready-mades, found objects, sculptures, videos, photographs, artist’s books and drawings around a documentary theme. From various viewpoints, the artist interrogates normative memory based on the model of “modern society,” assuming a psycho-strategic position encountering dominant streams of consciousness in his work. The artist conducts interdisciplinary research into the social interruptions of recent history in the context of the intervention of the assumed past to the present and their complex impact within the equation of the individual, identity and culture, constructing a visual language drawing strength from experimental narratives between social sciences and contemporary art disciplines. Themes he works on include urban anthropology, social gender, the cultural heritage of the other, the critique of civil society, the sociology of everyday life, minorities, urban transformation, sex workers, immigration and change, socio-political strategies and minor politics.

Among the solo exhibitions of the artist who actively produces in and outside of his country are; Tailor’s Dream M&M, Apartment Project, İstanbul, 2011; Studio Osep, Delfina Foundation, London, 2010; Territory Dispute, Noa, İstanbul, 2010; Studio Osep, Galeri NON, İstanbul, 2009. Group exhibitions of note are; 2011, Akarsu Sok, No:2, İstanbul, 2011; Where Fire Has Struck, DEPO, İstanbul, 2011; Diffusion of Inventions, Manzara Perspectives, İstanbul, 2011; DIVERÇITY / Learning from Istanbul, Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, 2010; SİNOPALE, Third Sinop Biennial, Sinop, 2010; Ability to Face the Uncertain, Serdar-i Ekrem Sokak, İstanbul, 2010; Heyday, İstanbul 2010 Portable Art Project, İstanbul, 2010; État d'âmes, une génération hors d'elle, ENSBA École nationale supérieure des Beaux - Arts, Paris, 2010; Nakka!, The Hall, İstanbul, 2010; Artist Book International, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2009; Unsound Reason - Adequate Cause, Galeri NON, İstanbul, 2009; Incompleteness of the Narrative, E-Flux, Berlin, 2009; Relative Positions And Conclusions, Suriye Pasajı, İstanbul, 2009; The Bitch Is Sleeping, Karşı Sanat, İstanbul, 2008; Becoming Istanbul, DAM Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt, 2008.

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