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Tailor's Dream

Tailor’s Dream
Tayfun Serttaş
23 February - 16 March 2011
Opening: 23.02.2011 Wednesday / 18:30 – 21:00
Visiting Hours: Wed-Sat 15:00 – 19:30

Between 23 February - 16 March, Apartman Projesi hosts Tayfun Serttas’ solo exhibition “Tailor’s Dream”.

Tailor’s Dream is inspired by the memory of the representation of Matild Manukyan, an icon who never perfectly fit on any of the societal strata. The project, aiming to question new dynamics of the near future that contrast a sterilization complex in social history, can be defined as a institutional identity analysis or an institutional analysis irony. Below are some of the questions that anchor the project:

* Who is the icon defined in the zone of conflict between the traditional and modern criteria?

* How much of the pleasure industry and the new institutionalization should we understand?

* How is sensation, as an added value, functional in the production of an icon?

* Could M&M become a model of new institutionalization practices that can be referenced?

* Could we create a discussion ground based on the historical slippage between positions of legal-illegal?

Note: The interview space of “M&M Quiz for Istanbolians” will be open to the viewers throughout the course of the exhibition.

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